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Is Contract Interpretation Law?



Côté’s Commentaries

© J.E. Côté 2016-2019

Electronically Navigating the Handbook


Over the years the Civil Procedure Handbook has been enriched by more and more decisions. But that has not made it easier to find law in it quickly. It is always frustrating to recall vaguely that you once saw a Rule or commentary on point, but not be able to find it in the book.

Now we have now done two things to help you go right to the law that you want.

You already have the first new thing, even if you have not noticed it yet. This year we considerably expanded the subject index at the end of Volume One. It contains many new entries, and many more cross-references. All the topics which form Parts of the commentary on many Rules are now in the index. As usual, you can access this in the hardcopy book. If you or your law office bought the Handbook, you can also access the index electronically, in the online version of the book at

Your second finding tool is newer, and you should be able to access it in a few days. We have prepared a long detailed table of contents. It covers every division or subdivision of the commentary anywhere in the book. And it lists the general topic of each Rule. That is especially useful when you know approximately where some commentary is, but not exactly. It saves you having to wade through several Rules' long commentaries. It should be particularly helpful in finding commentary on costs. We do not want to bulk out Volume One of the hard-copy version too much. You want a book which is not too heavy, and will fit in a briefcase. So you will be able to access the new full table of contents electronically at the place on the website named above.

Today when you drive to an unfamiliar location, you see on a screen two things: exactly where you are now, and how to get from where you are, to where you want to go. Within a few days, your Handbook will also tell you that, showing you in two different ways.

– Hon. J.E. Côté


The Commentaries are intended to call the attention of lawyers to promising or threatening developments in the law, in civil procedure, in developing their skills, or simply to describe something curious, funny or intriguing.

Justice Côté recently retired from the Court of Appeal of Alberta and currently acts as an arbitrator, mediator, or referee under Rules 6.44 and 6.45 of the Alberta Rules of Court.

He may be contacted through Juriliber at email: or phone 780-424-5345.